The great thing about having an architectural background and training is that you get to see the design, artistry and process in everything around you.

This can lead to meeting and making bond with great artist, filmmakers, retailers and the plethora of awe inspiring people in between.

Go investigate these awesome creatives who helped shape me.

(Click the links and photos)

The are the ones who inspired me to make art:

A friend and advocate for making art indoors and out. ‘Artist’s make Art!’ (Image courtesy of

A friend, client , my art partner and a mentor.
David, Oldest friend a one man film production machine (image courtesy of

The are the ones who inspired me to make music:

The are the ones who inspired me to make talk with a passion about what I love and use my knowledge to entertain:

Sophie and the ever rotating talented rota of presenters and guests made for a rewarding time on the radio

And once inspired you need to do.

POETRY and MUSIC – 2 concept spoken word home albums finished.
1 music home album completed (and writing credit on a dance track)

Sometime your Poetry becomes lyrics in the right hands

ART FOR A COMMUNITY – Community Arts’ project at Trees on the Green – Team member

Became a community artist in 2014 in collaboration with an actor friend.

BROADCASTING IN A CREATIVE CITY – Brighton and Hove Community Radio – Brighton Moon show – Architecture expert…then a co-presenter.

A nervous but 1st steps into being on the radio.
As a presenter now, with life changes and a greater respect for the media moved on!

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