So what sort of art is not covered it the creative section well this Seminal project affectionately known as “Trees on the Green“?

Imagine waking up one morning and knowing that you had began to realise with an amazing team of volunteers, on a London square, not just one but 3 unique recycled timber sculptures. The morning you become an Artist because you have made art. Then the days that subsequently pass when people criticise or love or ask to collaborate or commission their own version of.

The game was afoot – Building Concept models with my young son – 1st Pre-visuals of the trees project

This project sums it up and is a proud moment as a creative.

Getting to Site – a few amazing volunteers sculpted the trees into Shape

The opportunity arose from working on an old friend’s project in my Professional capacity as an architect. He wanted to do a self build project of converting his home into flats. As the time went on we grew to get on and appreciate each others talents. This led to me being asked to apply my skills as a design professional to the process of getting sculptural trees onto a site where a great oak once stood.

The man with the foresight Joe and me

The rest is history. I will describe in more detail in other posts the many different opportunities and spin-off projects this has afforded such as: (excuse the tree related puns at this stage and these will be clickable soon to tell you more.)

Trees on the Green – Hilly Fields Branch

Take it to the Max – Community Art in the Park

Log – Oh! – Logos and Brand identity

Time for my close up Mr D-sawmill – Mini movies for social media

Beds on the Green – Becoming a Sleeper

Conception – Models, Movies and More

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